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<h1>Ferrari floor mats</h1>, <h2>Ferrari carpets</h2>
Ferrari Floor Mats

Finding good quality carpets for Ferraris is always a problem. Well,you need look no further, because we have a full line of very finely custom-crafted floor mats for all Ferrari models.

Our line of Ferrari floors mats is a classy addition to an already beautiful automobile.

We use exceptional first quality carpet material and edge bound the carpets with a layer of very refined vinyl material. They also feature a sturdy, non-skid griptex backing.

All our carpet colors match all the OEM interiors, and we have the unusual Ferrari colors no one else can provide.

Being a custom carpet provider, we can produce carpets for evey model including the newest Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the Ferrari 16M Scuderia.

Custom embroidery is also available.

We maintain an assortment of carpet samples that we can send to you so that you can confirm that your choice does in fact match your interior.

Please Note

Effective 09/15/2008, we made a major change to our floor mat program to enhance our mat's appearance and to personalize our particular design style.

So, we are now offering the new horse image only as herein shown. We can offer either the fully embroidered 7" horse or the 7" horse in embroidered outline format only.

All images herein shown are presently being changed to reflect our new horse design.

New Style 7" horse

Our available styles are as follows:

    1) plain carpets
    2) carpets with a 7" embroidered horse
    3) carpets with a 7" horse & model designation script= SportMat™

Special order styles are available, so please feel free to inquire. No matter how you order your carpets you will get from us the best mat quality, value, and personal service in the business.

We do sometimes keep a few models in stock, but for ordering it takes usually three weeks for them to arrive at our facility.

The available popular mat colors are shown below. Please note that there is a standard tan (#94) and a darker Cuoio (#91) tan. The Cuoio is found in models with a darker tan upholstery and in particular the F430 Ferrari. It is also in the Maserati autos. It is sometimes referred to as "baseball Glove" tan. There is a dark gray (#125) and a light gray/silver (#90). The Sabbia is a new color that is a very, very light tan approaching an almost dirty white. It is referred to as "sand". We can mix any of these colors to provide you exactly what you want.

We do have many additional colors available for many other vehicle applications, and we can send samples of those upon request.

Our colors are very true to the OEM but are very difficult to fully accurately display here.

#96 red #100 black #94 tan #91 cuoio #102 navy blue #90 light silver #87 beige/sabbia #125 dark gray #81 yellow
The colors for the horse embroidery as well as the binding and model lettering can be any combinations of the above.
Outer binding stitching can be done in any of the embroidery colors for beautiful contrast. Give us an idea and we will make suggestions.

If you do not see your color here please let us know. We do have additional shades, and we can send samples.
Pricing is as follows:
2 pc mats Plain Carpets $199.50/set
2 pc mats with 7" embroidered horse or model -Sport Mat $259.50/set
2 pc mats with 7" embroidered horse and modelscript-
Sport Mat

Sport Mat:

Our Sport Mat series has the vehicle numeric identity (328, 348, 355, 360, 430, 512 BBi, 599, 612, etc) embroidered onto the mat. That model numeric script is placed to the left and right sides of the carpets parallel to the door sills. This presents a very striking and stunning addition to the carpet's appearance. We can, of course, embroider the numeric identity in any of our contrasting colors.

We could also add a single contrasting color stitch on the binding to make the mat more attractive. The sample below has a single red sitich on the black binding which presents subtle detail.

Please contact us for details for your particular model. Pricing is now stated in the above table.

355 Ferrari Sport Mat™ Set 360 Ferrari Sport Mat Set

360 Ferrari Sport Mat Single

360 Ferrari Sport Mat Script With Contrast Stitching In The Binding

2+2 Model Carpet Sets:

For those vehicles that have rear carpet sets such as the -456GT, 550, and 575 Ferrari models, please add $50.00 to the above-stated carpet prices. The rear carpets have no embroidery but are bound identically to the front set.

Please provide us with your vehicle year, model, and your prefered choice of color combinations. We are very flexible, and we can make you beautiful carpets to your particular requirements.

If you are at the point of wanting a superb carpet set, you have come to the right source. You will not find a better quality carpet or better quality service than what you will receive from us. Guaranteed!

Custom Carpets:

We can custom make carpets for any vehicles. We have patterns for the F-40, 612, and the 599 Ferraris. We recently did a set for an MC-12 Maserati and an Aston Martin Vantage. There are only 25 of the MC-12 cars in the world!

Remember that special orders don't upset us!

Let us know your requirements, and we will make the carpets you want just for you.

Custom Cutting For Fire Extinguisher:

We can cut the passenger side carpet for a fire extinguisher. However, due to the additional hand work involved, there is an additional $40.00 charge.

Sample Carpet Pieces:

If you would like to ensure that our colors will match your interior and are what you want, please contact us, and we will promptly send out small samples of the actual carpet material.

Order Styles:

Please use your imagination when ordering carpets, as we can create very beautiful and unusual styles. Below are some of the ones we have done recently.

They are all just stunning! Don't get locked into a style because you think others would not approve of them. Order what you want, and we will create them specifically for you. Below are some of our possible configurations. Let us know how we can create one for you.

348 Ferrari 7" Horse Complete Set

360/430 Ferrari 7" Horse in outline only

We can do the horse outline in any of our standard colors. The carpet border can also can be done in any of our standard colors.

599 SportMat&trade

Scuderia Mats Scuderia Logo

Trunk Mats

If you want the latest in style and fashion then you want a trunk mat for your Ferrari. If you are showing your Ferrari, then show it the right way!

We do trunk mats in the same style and fashion as what we do for the floor mats, and the trunk mats have the 7" cavallino, and we can embroider the model script - Sportmat - as well!

Just let us know what you want on the order form. Bindings and their stitchings are available in the same multiple choices as for the floor mats.

For the larger Ferrari's (456, 599, and 612 Ferrari)we provide a one (1) piece mat that covers the entire trunk including the areas over to the left and right sides of the trunk.

For the 360 Ferrari and 430 Ferrari we offer a one piece mat that covers the entire trunk space.

The TrunkMat presents a striking addition to an already beautiful car.

Have us make one for you.

Trunk Mat Pricing:

360/430 Ferrari one piece mat with 7" horse $ 179.50
456 Ferrari- one piece mat with 7" horse $ 229.50
599 Ferrari- one piece mat with 7" horse $ 229.50

360 430 Trunk

Mat 599 Trunk Mat

Embroidery Vs. Sculpturing:

We have used two distinct processes to create the horse and the scripting.

However, we no longer offer the 16" embroidered horse. Our standard process now is that of embroidery only.

This is the process by which thread is actually sewn into the carpet to make the design prior to the adhesion of the backing, and it is the process we use on a regular basis to create most of the designs and scripts. It produces a striking contrast in the carpets.

The alternative process of sculpturing was an actual weaving of carpet threads into the carpet. It is a bit more costly to do. The images were not quite as defined as they are with embroidery.

Our standard order for the 7" horse and script is, therefore, embroidery.

Right Hand Drive 360/430 Ferrari Models:

We offer carpets for the Right Hand Drive models of many models but especially for the 360 Ferrari and the 430 Ferrari. So, please let us know your requirements, and we will make the carpets for your specific vehicle. Styles and colors are the same as those for left hand drive models.

Floor Mats For Other Model Cars:

We can make mats for almost all car models. So, if you have an Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, or whatever, we can make the mats for you. We have done so for many. Please contact us for details.

Mounting Grommets:

We can add the carpet mounting grommets at no additional cost to any carpets, but we do need to know your model and year. We have found that some models of the 355 Ferrari and the 430 Ferrari have different factory grommet locations. 

Thus, when ordering any Ferrari carpets for which you want grommets, please measure from center to center on the factory pins and advise us the distances on your order form.

We may also require from you a paper outline of the OEM grommet locations to ensure the fit so that our carpets will match the original location points. Just let us know at time of ordering.

Grommets are only available for the Ferrari 355 and newer models.

Carpet Specials:

Check the specials page that lists all the carpets that we have have on-hand and at special pricing! Don't miss out on all of the specials we offer.

Important Note About Custom Carpets:

Our custom carpets may vary from the original, because we have, over the years, made decisions about what we believe is the best fit and placement. Thus if you have any questions or concerns before ordering please make sure to address all of those to us.

Please do not make any assumptions, because after-the-fact changes are difficult and expensive. Make sure you address all questions and concerns to us, and above all, make absolutely certain that all of your concerns are written on your order form.

Custom Carpet Order Form:

Please download the form,complete it, and then e-mail it to us.

Please make sure your order form is very complete and don't assume that we know what you are thinking! Discuss with us anything of concern or importance prior to placing your order and once sure put clearly write those detail on the order form in the comments section

Once again please remember that we have no way to read your mind!

Above all, write clearly and legibly!

All carpets are special orders. As such it is not possible for us to quote a specific delivery time. Frequently the factory gets backed up, and they will not compromise quality for speed.

Please click here to download the Ferrari carpet order form in .pdf format.

a) Order Process:

All carpet orders MUST be in writing with all required information submitted on the above order form. We cannot accept e-mailed or phoned-in orders.

b)Order Time:

It takes approximately 3 weeks for the carpets to arrive at our facility after receipt of order. Please remember that these are all custom made carpets. They take time. Communications inquiring about shipment will not produce the carpets sooner! Please be patient.

We would be pleased to discuss your ideas, designs, and colors by any medium prior to ordering, but we must have the order in writing.

Carpet Styles:

In an effort to help buyers understand exactly what we provide with some of the Ferrari car models, we will post here photos of the exact carpet set.

  456 Ferrari 2+2 Series New 7" Horse SportMat™

GT Rears New 7" Horse SportMat™

Dealer Inquiries:

If you are a reseller and would be interested in handling our products, please feel free to contact us. We require, at minimum, a copy of your state sales tax certificate as well as a copy of your business license.


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