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About Us

Dynamic Technology Group is a group of technology-based businesses that continues to grow and expand into interesting and challenging new fields.

It had its roots established in 1972, importing and distributing, for the United States and Canada, specialty automotive products for sport automobiles. The Company quickly established itself as a leader in the design and development of very advanced free-flow exhaust systems for imported cars. These exhaust systems not only substantially enhanced vehicle performance, they greatly extended fuel economy at a period when gasoline supplies were again in crisis, and they gave the cars a wonderful sports-car sound without being loud! In addition, it was the first and only accessory exhaust designer and supplier to comply with California's strict noise regulations, which began in 1975.

Due to the Company's engineering capability, dedication to quality, and attention to detail, it was chosen the OEM steering wheel supplier for the Bricklin Car Company of St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada for Bricklin's auto production in 1974 and 1975 of the SV-1 safety car. Over 40 US steering wheel companies offered their steering wheel product for the vehicle, but we were the only one chosen as "the" supplier. There are presently a few web sites dedicated to the Bricklin, and a search under that name will bring them up for review.

As part of the Company's interest in the consumer electronics field and simultaneous with the supply of its automotive parts distribution, the Company began in 1976, sourcing consumer electronic related products throughout the world for the audio industry.

In 1977, the Company began importing, distributing, and producing components that were ultimately integrated into the finished products of most US audio manufacturers. These audio products, while intended primarily for loudspeaker manufacturers, included a variety of specialized capacitors, resistors, level controls, speaker terminals, and more. The Company set up production in its San Ramon, CA facility to specially wind precision inductor coils for use in loudspeaker crossover networks.

In 1978, the Company imported a line of very advanced home audio loudspeakers from Sweden by the name of Sinus. Innovation was Sinus' theme, and the sound quality was exceptional. Sinus pioneered a dual woofer technology that had two 10" drivers placed into an aluminum housing, both of which were in phase electrically, which produced low frequency that is only equaled by current day sub-woofer technology!

Unfortunately, the loudspeaker manufacturing business for Sinus was not as profitable as was their muffler production for Swedish cars, so they sold off and disbanded the production thereby leaving us in a pinch as our home audio dealer base had just begun to expand.

To fill this void, the Modular Acoustics™ home audio loudspeaker brand name was born which included an unusual 2-way helmholtz dual port resonator design using an 8" woofer that produced low bass to unbelievable low limits. One magazine reviewed the loudspeaker stating that it could take an astonishing 1,000 watts of power and produce incredible SPL's without even complaining.

The Modular name came about, because the product line shared all the same drivers in a variety of cabinet configurations. The benefit was that, should it be required, any dealer could immediately provide a customer with a replacement driver from any speaker model if the dealer did not have that specific spare driver in stock. The concept was very well received, and propelled the Company to then expand upon this concept in the car stereo business.

In 1980, sensing a greater need for product development in the consumer electronics business, the Company positioned itself to become substantially more dedicated to and involved with the industry.

In 1981, the Dynamic Acoustics™ brand name was established, and the Dynam™ series product line was developed. It became the most successful line of polypropylene cone drivers for car stereo applications and was one of the first companies worldwide to perfect the difficult gluing techniques to successfully bond the tough surface of the polypropylene cone to the aluminum voice coil. The Company quickly became nationally known as the premium supplier of very high quality polypropylene cone drivers for car stereo applications as well as for precisely engineered and manufactured crossover networks for those drivers.

In 1985, the Company also expanded in the personal computer field producing exceptionally well made and high quality personal computers under the Dynamic Computer Systems™ label, many of which are still in use today by local Emergency Service Providers and large corporations, and by providing advanced computer network and upgrade services.

In 2005, the company expanded its business into the automotive replacement parts field specializing in Ferrari parts and related Ferrari items.

Today,with respect to the company's audio business, the Dynamic Acoustics™ name continues its well-established tradition of innovation, clever thinking, and commitment to quality products and precision work, and, as a result, continues to be well-recognized as the premier audio and home theater design, sales, and installation facility in the San Ramon Valley serving clients as far as Hawaii!

The Company's extensive background and experiences in the audio and video fields place us in an unusual position as an established leader and one upon whom great trust and confidence can be placed.

Dynamic Technology Group is continuing to research and source both products and business ventures to expand upon its technology base and expertise while presenting new and valuable items to the market place. Its name is very indicative of its business model, and as the new items become a reality, the new products and their respective pages will be added to this web site.


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