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The business of audio wire is as loaded with snake oil as is the business of loudspeakers. Beware of the snake oil! It seems every vendor must have a story that out does the other, and the stories include increasing wire cost being equated to increasing wire value! The most essential point is that price in no way equates to audio quality regardless of whose name is on the product!

in a true sonic manner, and do it all at reasonable pricing. All wire products we use are very high grade, high strand count copper base that have superb ability to transmit electrical energy signals in a clean and undisturbed fashion. In addition, the specially-chosen very high grade outer shield mechanism prohibits stray electrical signals from entering the signal path keeping the audio signals clean and hum free. All metal connectors are made from very high grade materials to ensure optimum contact.

The products we use consists of low level audio interconnect cables in varying lengths, video interconnects for all video connection applications, various connectors and banana plugs, and very high strand count copper speaker cabling. We can provide cables for non-standard lengths as well.


Not all plasma monitors were made alike, and our exclusive choice since 2001 had been NEC for this reason.

Resolution is the primary consideration for high quality video, and since the objective of plasma is to yield that high resolution goal, the monitor must have the ability to offer greater pixel count (horizontal X's vertical).

NEC had offered 1366 X 768 which is generally well beyond what most others offered. But those numbers do not alone provide that degree of resolution. There is no native high definition broadcast at 768 lines. Remember also that since the broadcast high definition standard is 720 lines, the monitor cannot alone achieve 768 lines.

See the discussion of scalers to get a better understanding.

NEC wss regarded as the grandfather of plasma monitors. The way we see it, what they have forgotten the other vendors should learn! By this it is meant that the resolution and overall picture quality of NEC far exceeeds, in our opinion, that offered by any other vendor.

It was the only plasma monitor that we knew of that could allow "pixel perfect" mode . This is a means by which the full 1366 X 768 resolution is fully achieved in every video frame from every video source, every pixel is precisely illuminated in every frame rather than a random pixel assignment, the refresh rate is extremely high, and the picture takes on a three dimensional appearance.

The detail, colors, and realistic images that the NEC plasma displays we had not seen on any other plasma.

Unfortunately in Early 2009 NEC departed fromt he plasma manufacturing business. We have all lost a great one.

With the recent DirecTV MPEG4 upgrades, we have been upgrading customers who purchased the NEC's from us as much as 6 years ago! Due to the fact that the NEC was one of the few plasma makers to have digital inputs, we are now able to use our new Lumagen digital scalers to give those customers a better quality picture today than we could originally.

This speaks to the quality of NEC, and we can demonstrate this for you.


One of our favored loudspeaker lines is Renaissance Audio. The product is built with Morel drivers and components, and it is an exceptional loudspeaker.

What distinguishes this product line is the driver design detail that has a particular emphasis on large voice coil diameters for efficiency and exceptional power handling.

The Duet model, for example, is a bookshelf-sized two way modified transmission line speaker that uses a 6 1/2" polycone woofer with a 3" voice coil and a 1 1/8" fabric dome tweeter. The imaging and sonic detail of this loudspeaker are extremely impressive as is the exceptional bass reproduction.

This model is also available as a floor model, the Prelude, with the same drivers as the Duet but with a larger cabinet volume that extends the low frequency reproduction almost a full octave lower than that produced by the smaller Duet! These have to be heard to be believed.

There is an entire product line available, and every product is exceptional on its own.

Sonic detail, imaging, and efficiency are the trademarks of these loudspeakers, and their dollar value puts them in an untouchable class.

Pay attention to this loudspeaker line, and give us the opportunity to detail these for you.


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