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Ferrari Parts

Original & Replacement

Parts Program:

Our parts program includes a wide assortment of original equipment and replacement Ferrari parts. We are sourcing specialty parts for the Ferrari Dino and Ferrari 308 series vehicles, and some of the parts may be newly manufactured according to original Ferrari drawings.

All parts are inventoried and shipped from our California facility eliminating your delays from foreign sources.

We can easily special order items and make those special items available at prices that are very competitive.

Browse our web site and please contact us with all your inquiries.

We also have access to a large Ferrari database which provides us views of almost every item in the cars from the Ferrari 355 series up through the Ferrari 599. So if you need a view of anything in particular, contact us about sending the view to you.

Alarm Module Replacement Batteries

Starting with the 355 Ferrari, the alarm module (siren) is a small sealed unit that has two expensive 3.6 Volt NiCad batteries within the unit. Ferrari never intended this device to be serviceable. It is replaceable only at a high price.

However, the module can be opened and the two internal batteries can be replaced and superceded with one external 7.2V NiCad battery! No longer does one have to worry about a battery leaking w/in and damaging the delicate circuit board

We have that battery available. It is our P/N ARB-1 and it is $12.00 including the two-position battery connecting clip and the postage to you!

Please note that pre-paid postage is for domestic US sales only.

7.2V ARB-1 NiCad Battery

Alarm Module Trunk Location

Rubber Body Replacement Items:

We now feature a full rubber components replacement program from an Italian source that is an original Ferrari supplier! Those hard to find rubber window seals, door seals, and the like for cars such as Dino's, 308's, etc. will all be available from us from our inventory, and these items will be listed in our parts database.

Some we will have remade so that there will be availability

The auto parts pages will shortly be updated to include views and descriptions of each of the rubber moldings we have, and most of the replaceable rubber items such as door and weather seals will be available in any required length.

Rubber To Metal Bonded Items:

We also have a full assortment of various rubber bonded to metal parts such as motor mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust mounts, fan mounts, radiator mounts, suspension bushings, ball joints, axel boots, and the like.

We can even make custom rubber to metal parts which can include specialized suspension components!

Hoses Gaskets:

We have also offer a line specialized hoses such as the #107533 air filter housing intake hose for the 246 Dino and the 308 GTB/GTS. We have oil delivery and return hoses for the 355, specialized coolant hoses, and more.

We even have specialized gaskets for exhaust manifolds, etc. !

Just give us the factory part number if you have it or a full description of the part and we will look up the P/N. We will find it for you.


Our very advanced and complete parts database will allow one to search for parts in a variety of ways. Each part will be listed in the same format as that of the German car makers with the model designation being stated first.

One can search by model number, ex: 355, or a search can be done by actual part number. In either case, the model designation will appear first so the part has an identity. This format will also enable a searcher to just search for the particular car model. No matter how the database is used, we believe our format will make more sense and will be invaluable.

Special order requests are offered, but if you call and we are unable to take your call please leave your phone number slowly, clearly, and distinctly. We are frequently unable to return calls either because the number is unintelligible or is so poorly stated there is no way we can call back!

All electrical items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

We will bring the high cost of parts down to earth!

e-mail: sales@dynamtechgroup.com

This page last updated: 03/25/2012

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