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<h1>Reel to Reel parts</h1>, <h2>cassette part</h2>, <h3>turntable parts</h3>, e-clips, reel to reel accessories, cassette accessories, turntable accessories

We have a good assortment of parts and accessories that are very helpful to those who work on reel to reel and cassette tape recorders. Many of the items we offer are the hard to find ones but which are very valuable and which are important to have on-hand when doing repair and service work.

If there are particular items you need please advise us, and we will ensure that we have them available.

E Clips

E-clips also known as "retaining washers" are used extensively in audio tape and cassette equipment to hold in place rotating and connecting items. Many times during removal a clip will become distorted regardless of one's careful efforts and invariably one will just unexplicably spring out of sight and will get lost! It happens to everyone. To prevent that "oh no" situation of not having the "needed" e-clip size, it is of great value to have a ready supply of diffent size E clips on-hand. We have them!

There are twenty (20) pieces per bag, and we offer them in 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, and 4.0 mm sizes.

                        P/N: 01-0720     2.0 mm   Tascam P/N: 5786002000
                        P/N: 01-0725     2.5 mm   Tascam P/N: 5786002500
                        P/N: 01-0730     3.0 mm   Tascam P/N: 5786003000
                        P/N: 01-0740     4.0 mm   Tascam P/N: 5786004000

$2.50 per bag of 20 pieces



PLEASE NOTE: Teac pinch rollers are presently unavailable worldwide and have been since about 2017
We are maintaining our listing of these parts since the information is valuable.
We plan to have replacement rubber pinch roller assemblies available very soon

Capstan Roller Fits Models - 112, 112B, 122 MKII, 234, 244, & 246
Tascam P/N: 5800891200 (use also for 5800275700)
                                                             our P/N: 01-5800891200          $12.00

Capstan Roller Fits Models - 112R
Tascam P/N: 5800618900
                                                              our P/N: 01-5800618900          $  9.25

Capstan Roller Fits Models - 238, 464, 488, 644, & 688
Tascam P/N: 5801091400
                                                              our P/N: 01-5801091400         $  10.00

Capstan Roller Fits Models - 424 all series
Tascam P/N: 9278327500
                                                              our P/N: 01-9278327500          $12.50

Capstan Roller Fits Models - Porta Studio 144
Tascam P/N: 6021016000
                                                              our P/N: 01-6021016000          $12.00

Capstan Roller Fits Models - Porta Studio One Through Five
Tascam P/N: 5760645300
                                                              our P/N: 01-5760645300          $  8.00

Capstan Roller Fits Models - Tascam 122, 124 Syncaset Cassette, A-500
Tascam P/N: 5504828002
                                                              our P/N: 01-5504828002         $ 24.50

Capstan Roller Fits Models - PortaStudio 7
Tascam P/N: 9278268700
                                                              our P/N: 01-92782687000         $16.25

Capstan Roller Fits Models - Tascam 38, 48, TSR-8 Reel to Reel
Tascam P/N: 5800291500
                                                              our P/N: 01-5800291500         $ 75.50

Capstan Roller Fits Models - Tascam X3, X7, X10R, 22-2, 22-4, 32, 32-2, 32-2B, A2340, A3300, A3440S, A4300, A6300, X1000R, X2000, X2000R Reel To Reel
Our new design with dual ball bearings rather than single bronze bushing.
Offers smooth operation with less resistance.
Due in near future
Tascam P/N: 501475100
                                                              our P/N: 01-5014175100         $ 49.50

Capstan Roller Rubber - We now offer a rubber capstan roller piece that fits over the bearing for the standard Tascam tape capstan roller.

It is necessry to first completely remove the worn rubber portion of the original capstan roller, and then to clean the brass center bearing with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Our Rubber capstan portion is then pushed down upon the bearing to make a complete capstan roller.

It fits Models - Tascam X3, X7, X10R, 22-2, 22-4, 32, 32-2, 32-2B, A2340, A3300, A3440S, A4300, A6300, X1000R, X2000, X2000R Reel To Reel

Applicable to Tascam P/N: 501475100
                                                              our P/N: 06-0171                      $ 12.50


We also offer a wide assortment of capstan rollers parts for a variety of cassette players. Please advise us your needs by providing dimensions including that of the center bore, and we will look those up.


Headphone Level Control Fits Models - 122 & 122B- 50K Ohm X 2
Tascam P/N: 5282406802                        our P/N: 04-5282406802          SOLD

Headphone Level Control Fits Model - 133- 50K Ohm X 2
Tascam P/N: 5282407602                        our P/N: 04-5282407602          $13.00

We also have various used Tascam parts that come from very clean equipment. Please contact us if there is any item of interest. If you do not have the Tascam P/N please be as descriptive as possible, and we will make every effort to check our available on-hand used items.

E-Mail: sales@dynamtechgroup.com

This page last updated: 07/18/2022

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