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Home Theater:

Due to a dramatic shift in the audio and home theater business of late, we have changed our business focus. We no longer have display equipment and showroom demonstrations. However, we are still able to offer installation and set-up services as well as critical advice to ensure that purchases are well thought out.

While the Company has extensive capability in a wide range of audio and video areas we are presently offering consulting for system design, room design, product choices, and installation of home theater systems.

The Company's products are very carefully selected to ensure that each buyer receives full, long-term value for his investment. The Company is a direct dealer for most of its products and has worked very closely with its manufacturers to ensure that the Company is fully versed on all the equipment's capabilities

The Company can conceptualize one's ideas into a smoothly functioning system and can integrate this into any environment.

The extensive background in all aspects of the audio and video fields enables the Company to handle the most difficult of applications with relative ease.

We offer construction services which include the required trade persons such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and more.

Whether your plans call for a small-but-high-quality theater system or a substantial investment in a dedicated A/V room coupled with whole-house audio distribution, Dynamic Technology Group has the capability to facilitate every aspect of your Home Theater plan.


Our audio and video experiences also take us into the business community in board-room planning, design, equipment choices and integration, installation, training, and set-up. We are very experienced in providing very high-grade data and video projection, integrating that into your computer network for Powerpoint presentations, setting-up the required audio, and also providing specialized white-board surfaces that can collect both projected images and written data into computer formats.

Noise Cancellation Technology:

We provide advanced expertise in noise cancellation technology applicable to any buildings, rooms, or facilities that have echoes, harmonics, and/or vibrations that must be tamed.

We have successfully applied this technology to a variety of applications such as board rooms, home theater environments, and large buildings.

In October, 2002, we were the only firm to successfully cancel a tremendous reverberation problem in a building at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA. We were well acknowledged by the Lab for our successful work.

In January, 2006, we were again asked by the Lab to apply our expertise to the reverberation control of three (3) more applications at their facility.

The same can be done if you are experiencing similar problems.

Wiring and Cabling Services:

The company offers full home and commercial wiring services for telephone, computer networking, audio, and satellite. We can facilitate all of your communication requirements at one time.

Off-Air High Definition Reception Installation:

KQED was the first station to broadcast HD in the Bay Area in October 1998. There are now about 35 stations in the Bay Area so broadcasting, and it is a fantastic way to view television! As of June 12, 2009, all broadcasts became available in high definition.

Since 2001 we have been offering off-air installation reception services to many of our customers for local high definition channels. They enjoy considerable programming in addition to that available through cable and satelliute providers.

Satellite providers started offering local high definition channels beginning in 2007. However, they do not provide all the local off-air broadcasts from all the local networks!

So, we have continued to make the local off air High Definition TV broadcasts available to our customers. However, due to the local terrain in the Bay area not all areas can receive the broadcasts. We can, however, assess this possibility for you.

Please note that even if you have satellite reception you can also receive the local off air High Definition material, and this becomes integrated into what you have so that channel access is simplified.

If you do not wish to pay the high cost of satellite and cable providers, and if you can be satisfied with the program material offered from your local area broadcasters only, we can most likely install and establish the off-air reception for you.

Your up front cost is very low compared to the yearly cost of standard providers, and you have only that one time cost! You will own the equipment, and there is no recurring monthly cost.

If this is of interest to you please have us examine the possibility of installing a High Definition Off-Air antenna and sytem for you.


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