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<h1>McLaren license plate holders</h1>, <h2>McLaren front plate holders</h2>, License plate holders
McLaren License Plate Holders

McLaren 12C/15C

McLaren 650, 675 and 675 LT

As part of our front license plate holder program we are offering our unique license plate holders for McLaren fine autos!

We offer the ultimate answer to attaching a front license plate to almost any McLaren without making any permanent holes in the front panel!

We have gone to great lengths to accommodate our front license plate holder for the beautiful McLaren 12C, 15C, and the new 650.

Our front plate holder assembly screws into the existing front tow hook threads and holds the front license plate assembly!

Moreover, it has been designed so as not to affect air flow into the radiator vents or to interfere with front parking sensors.

It can be easily adjusted to allow the parking sensors to work without any interference.

It is quite sturdy and very well made, and it solves the problem.

Supplied with each kit is a precisely machined aluminum post to screw into the the tow hook threads along with all stainless steel hardware,and full instructions.

The McLaren 12c, and 15C front plate holder is supplied with our newest and highly innovative plate Flex-Mount™ assembly.

This creative and very advanced mounting assembly allows the front plate assembly to move to contour to the vehicle body line creating a seamless appearance to the vehicle!

This very unique assembly offers +/- 25 degrees of contour on either side of the front plate mounting assembly.

As with all of front plate holders it can be permanently left in place or can be carried in the vehicle to correct a "fix it" ticket. "Oh, I just had the car waxed and forgot to put the plate on,officer"!

It takes less than 10 minutes to set-up and to install.

It can easily be adjusted left/right of the mounting pin to suit one's individual taste and to accommodate proper intake air flow.

We have applications for:

McLaren 12c and 15C

Price: $74.50

complete with the Flex-Mount™ assembly plus freight charges.

Other Mclaren models will are available. Please contact us about your specific model.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

McLaren 650, 675 & 675 LT

Our plate holder for this model once again is quite unique in that it prevents interference with parking sensors!

Our unique and unusual Drop-Mount™ moves the plate away from the sensors. It works beautifully, and due to this unique design the assembly is easily removable at any time by means of the thumb screw that holds the assembly together.

Price: $64.50

complete with the Drop-Mount™ assembly plus freight charges.

The best way to order is send us the following information by e-mail. E-mail is the surest, fastest, and most conveniet way to contact us.

Full Name
Shipping Address
Vehicle make & year
Phone Number

Note please that we need all your information to quote you freight charges and sales tax if applicable:

We accept Payment by all major Credit and Debit Cards by means of a link to a Square invoice.

This is a very safe means by which to use a credit card. No need to send us your CC information.

Upon notification of receipt of payment we will promptly send out your items.

We generally ship by USPS Priority Mail Service. We cannot quote an accurate shipping time given but each holder is sent with tracking which the Post Office can provide on-line.

If you need any additional services or prefer an alternative means of shipment you MUST so indicate in your e-mail at the time of your order, and your total will be adjusted to include any additional requested services.

You will be provided with a total amount and then a payment link to Square will will be sent that can be paid with a debit or credit card.

Upon payment advice from Square, your plate holder will be sent out. That usually is the same day the funds are received.

Note that all license plate holder sales are final. They are non-returnable.

E-Mail: sales@dynamtechgroup.com

Note that we have a very aggressive filter on our inbound e-mails. Upon notification it will be released for our contact with you.

No need to send multiple e-mails.

Designs, specifications, applications, and included parts subject to change without notice

This page last updated: 8/29/2016

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