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<h1>Tascam Manuals</h1>, <h2>Teac manuals</h2>, Tape reel boxes, <h3>Tascam service manuals</h3>, <h4>Tascam owners manuals</h4>, service manuals


We offer an expanded line of Owner's Manuals and Service Manuals for a wide range of models in .pdf format.

Most of the manuals are priced at $5.00. This pricing group represents the largest group of our manuals. They are all very clean and good quality.

Some of our manuals are priced at $10.00. These manuals represent a grouping that is more detailed and more involved. They were costly to acquire, required considerable work to clean and properly arrange, but they are very complete.

A small grouping of the manuals is priced at $15.00.These are very large manuals, have extensive information including any service bulletins where available, and are well done.

Most of our manuals include .pdf layouts of complete circuits. These views have been assembled into one readable large-scale format from pieced pages that greatly facilitate circuit tracing and part identification.

Many of the service manuals include 11 X 17 page layouts for enhanced viewing for circuit tracing.

Each manual has been reviewed, cleaned, properly arranged, and re-sized to provide excellent viewing and printing. Our manuals are quality products!

Some Of The Tascam Manuals We Have Available:
22-2  22-4  32  34
38  42  48  58   80-8
244  246  388  TSR-8
112  112R  122  122B
133 234 238 424  BR-20 A-3440
DX-4D  M512  M520  M3500  M15
MX-80  MH-40  M1B  AN180
MS-16  C-3X  C-3XR  X-7  X-7R  X10  X10R

We also have service manuals for AKAI, AMPEX, FOSTEX, KENWOOD, NAKAMICHI, OTARI, PIONEER, REVOX A77 & B77, SONY, and other makes. Check with us to verify if we have your desired manual. We do have availability to unusual manuls.

Please provide your model number, and if that is in our collection we will promptly make that manual available to you by quick download after your PayPal payment has been advised.

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We also offer an assortment of new tape reel boxes. They are for 10 1/2" tape reels in both 1/4" and 1/2" sizes. They are made of sturdy cardboard that has been wrapped in a white acid-free paper, and each box has an NAB center hub to maintain the reel's position within the box.

03-1025    10 1/2" X 1/4" box  (temp out of stock)   $2.60 each
03-1030    10 1/2" X 1/4" box-  no centerhub           $1.80 each
03-1050    10 1/2" X 1/2" box                                  $3.50 each

Quantity Pricing Is Available
Quantity discounting starts at full carton quantities of fifty (50) pieces
Carton quantities are 50 pieces

Make sure to visit our audio equipment specials page for tape reels, used tape recorder parts, and various electronic equipment special listings. Audio & ProAudio Equipment Specials

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The best way to order is send us the following information by e-mail which is the surest, fastest, and most conveniet way to contact us.

All business is done only through PayPal. We need all your information including your shipping address to determine if any CA sales tax is applicable:

Full Name
Shipping Address
Reel to reel and/or cassette make & model

We ship by USPS. There is no shipping time given nor is there any tracking. If you need additional shipping services or prefer an alternative means of shipment you MUST so indicate in writing at the time of your order. Your total will then be adjusted to include your additional required services. You are free to use your shipping account also.

We will provide you a total amount and then send to you a payment link from Square which you can pay with a debit or credit card.

As soon as Square advises us of the funds receipt, we will send out your items. That usually is the same day the funds are received.

E-Mail: sales@dynamtechgroup.com

This section is under continuous development and will undergo changes and additions. So please contact us with your requirements if not herein listed.

Prices and specifications subject to change at any time.

This page last updated: 3/21/2020

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