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In 1981, the Dynamic Acoustics™ brand name was established, and the Dynam™series car stereo product line was developed.

The Dynamic Acoustics™ brand quickly became the most successful line of polypropylene cone separate drivers for car stereo applications and was one of the first companies worldwide to perfect the difficult gluing techniques to successfully bond the tough surface of the polypropylene cone to the aluminum voice coil.

The Company quickly became nationally known as the premium supplier of very high quality polypropylene cone drivers for car stereo applications as well as for precisely engineered and manufactured crossover networks for those drivers.

In 2000, Dynamic Acoustics became a division of Dynamic Technology Group, and thereby extended provided a wide range of highly specialized services in the advanced audio and home theater fields.

These services, in conjunction with the company's extensive background and vast experience combined with the firm's exceptional and specially-chosen lines of very high-quality audio and video products resulted in high quality and valuable investments for customer's purchasing dollar.

The company's abilities were applicable to both residential and most commercial environments.

An examination of the products we represented as stated in the section entitled "manufacturer's" will inform you of our high quality product offerings. Quality has always been our trademark.

We provided the above services since our beginning in 1981, and our longevity and stability speak to our commitment to the industry.

Our first home theater installation was accomplished in June, 1981, in Diablo, California, long before the term "Home Theater" was even coined!

We achieved two purposes with that original 1981 installation. The first was whole house wiring for distributed audio. Bear in mind that in that era no equipment was available to distribute a signal throughout a home to accomplish that task, so we designed and created our own audio distribution panel.

The second part was a family room sound system. We used two pair of loudspeakers (one pair front and one pair back), and we extracted the surround sound information from a device that we made from a circuit design by David Haffler, an industry pioneer, which was a very early surround sound decoder.

This unique surround sound device provided a "passive" surround sound mode that was synthesized from two channel stereo, and it allowed the sound to move from the front to the back according to the subject matter being played.

The term "Home Theater" as indicated was virtually unknown at that time, but we proved to be pioneers in terms of our ability to adapt products to a process that has today become a way of life.

We have certainly been at this business longer than most, and we are now one of the very few still functionally in the business. We can demonstrate our extensive capabilities as a result of our early successful experimentation and advanced capabilities.

We are a licensed California contractor, offer complete design capabilities, and we are a systems integrator and specialty installer.

We are now preparing Dynamic Acoustics™ to move into a different direction with extremely creative automotive product flair.

Please check this area for near future announcements.

Designs, specifications, applications, and included parts subject to change without notice

This page last updated: 11/05/2014

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