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<h1>axial meter lamps</h1>, 8V 200ma, <h2>audio meter lamps</h2>, <h3>VU meter lamps</h3>, meter lamps, fuse meter lamps, <h4>Tascam meter lamps</h4>, Reel to Reel meter lamps,




As part of the unusual collection of items that we offer for reel to reel tape recorders and related audio equipment we have hard to find VU meter lamps in axial lead and in fuse type configurations.

We presently feature the three (3) styles of VU meter replacement lamps as follows.

Know What You Are ordering
Meter Lamps Are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable

1) Axial Meter Lamps -

Note that the 04-8007 and 04-8008 are the lamps that fit most VU meters especially on Tascam equipment and audio mixers such as the M30, M312, M-512, M520, M600, M1600, M2600 MKII, M3500, and many more. They are also applicable to many Allen & Heath mixers such as the GL 3000.

The 04-8007 is an 8V 150 ma unit, and the 04-8008 is an 8V 200 ma unit.

The 04-8007 draws slightly less current. So in some of the larger mixers this unit may better balance power draw.

The 04-8008 draws a bit more current and will illuminate a bit brighter.

Either of these lamps will do well. If one is not sure about power draw then opt for the 04-8007 units.

Some Teac equipment may measure 6.8V at the lamps. This lower voltage reading can sometimes be due to an aged power supply. It is, therefore, best to opt for our 04-8007 lamp as that will yield the correct brightness and bulb longevity.

Note that our lamps are clear and not frosted

These lamps replace Tascam P/N: 5772925400.

Teac had also used the P/N 53100052-00 for an 8V 55 ma bulb. However, it is believed that they had superceded this part to P/N 5772925400

Teac no longer supplies any of these lamps.

It is recommended that a needle nose pliars or a suitable heat sink be used when soldering in our lamps.

It is also advisable not to solder the bulb directly across the meter clips with short leads. It is best to leave the leads slightly longer by approximately 1/4" (6 mm) on each side to allow positioning of the lamp so some of the smaller the plastic meter covers will fit properly with the lamp in place.

Specifications -

Size    =    approximately 4 mm in diameter X 20 mm in length
Leads  =    two solder leads approximately 25 mm (1.0") in length
style    =    non-frosted-clear

P/N: 04-8006                                                                        $5.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    6.3 Volt DC 150 Ma current rated.

P/N: 04-8007                                                                        $5.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    8.0 Volt DC 150 Ma current rated.

P/N: 04-8008                                                                        $5.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    8.0 Volt DC 200 Ma current rated.

P/N: 04-8009                                                                        $9.00/pack of 10 pcs
Rating =    8.0 Volt DC 100 Ma current rated.

Please note:

The 04-8009 lamp is also applicable to the Presonus
Bluetube and Bluetube V2
amplifier VU meter lamps.

We have been advised that the Presonus model BlueTube
may use 12 V axial lamps. The lamp appropriate
for that unit would be our 04-8011 12V 125 ma lamp.

Note that Presonus puts a blue plastic covering over
the lamp so that a blue image is cast upon the VU
meters. Our bulbs are clear and do not have that blue covering. It can be done to our lamp as well. However, any plastic covering holds the heat in which can shorten lamp life.

P/N: 04-8010                                                                        $9.00/pack of 10 pcs
Rating =    12 Volt DC 150 Ma current rated.

P/N: 04-8011                                                                        $5.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    12 Volt DC 125 Ma current rated.

P/N: 04-8012                                                                        $5.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    12 Volt DC 150 Ma current rated.

2) Small Diameter Meter Lamps - with radial leads

Some of these units are special order items

P/N: 04-8060                                                                        $6.00/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    12 Volt DC 35 Ma current rated.
Specifications -
Size    =    approximate lamp diameter = 0.12" in
Leads  =    two radial solder leads approximately 8" in length

P/N: 04-8070                                                                        $6.00/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    12 Volt DC 35 Ma current rated.
Specifications -
Size    =    approximate lamp diameter = 0.20" in
Leads  =    two radial solder leads approximately 8" in length

3) Fuse Type Meter Lamps -

Please note that these lamps are slightly too large in diameter to fit into the meter clips for the Teac/Tascam VU meters. Specifications -
Size    =    approximately 6.35 mm (0.25") diameter X 29.21 mm (1.15") length
Leads  =    none - made for clip mounting

P/N:04-8108                                                                          $6.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    6 Volt DC 250 Ma current rated.

P/N:04-8110                                                                          $6.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =    8 Volt DC 250 Ma current rated.

P/N:04-8112                                                                          $6.50/pack of 5 pcs
Rating =   12 Volt DC 150 Ma current rated.

Axial Meter Lamps Fuse Type Lamps

If you require a lamp other than those above listed please let us know, and we will do what is possible to secure your requirement. We draw on a variety of manufacturing ability, and we are able to provide you with your exact application.

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The best way to order is send us the following information by e-mail which is the surest, fastest, and most conveniet way to contact us.

We have been successful in packing the lamps differently for safe transit to achieve a lower postal rate. Please contact us for the actual cost for your package!

We do all our business now only through Square.com. We no longer accept credit cards directly.

A payment link from Square.com will be sent to you, and the link can be paid with a debit or credit card.

We will need all your information including your shipping address to determine if any CA sales tax is applicable:

Full Name
Shipping Address
Reel to reel and/or cassette make & model

We ship by USPS. We are not able to quote shipping time as that is the responsibility of the post office. We generally ship with USPS tracking. In most cases the postal total with tracking is $4.20.

If you need additional or specialized shipping services or if you prefer an alternative means of shipment you MUST so indicate in writing at the time of your order. Your total will then be adjusted to include your additional required services. You are free to use your shipping account as well.

We will provide you a total amount and then will send a link from Square.com into which you can enter your debit or credit card information to their secure servers.

As soon as we have been advised us of the funds receipt, we will send out your items. That usually is the same day the funds are received.

E-Mail: sales@dynamtechgroup.com

Make certain to review our Terms of Sale Terms of Sale

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