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<h1>Ferrari instrument dials</h1>, <h2>Ferrari dial replacement inserts/h2>
Ferrari Dial Faces

Since the 360 Challenge Stradale Ferrari, the 430 Ferrari,and the newest Scuderia Ferrari dash panel instruments are very attractive and colorful, we believe that these tachometer dial faces should be in the 360 and the 430 as well.

The color differences and attractive layouts of these dials certainly aid in one's ability to see the status of the instruments, and the contrast is most valuable in visualizing the actual engine RPM's.

As a result we now offer the 360 Challenge Stradale, the 430 Ferrari, and the Scuderia tachometer dial appearances for the 360 Ferrari as a retrofit option that is not a complicated installation process!

Our custom replacement tachometer replacement dial faces for the 360 series Ferrari are presently available as: the standard 360 Ferrari Challenge Stradale in yellow, the 430 Ferrari which is a deeper yellow, and the Scuderai which is more of an orange tone.

All our tachometer dials include the F1 gear indicator window and are a direct replacement for the OEM dial faces.

Our Ferrari replacement dial faces are supplied with our stunning new horse logo, and the image looks absolutely outstanding on the dial faces. The image is below illustrated.

In furtherance of our quality which differentiates us from others being offered is that the design and manufacturing processes we use preclude any lighting hot spots or degraded and uneven lighting conditions from occuring. Each dial is closely checked for light purity.

If you want to differentiate your vehicle with beautiful dial faces these are the only ones to choose!

Dial replacement can be done by anyone who is mechanically inclined and who is patient. The process takes about two (2) hours. Full instructions are included, and phone and e-mail support are always available. E-mail support is available after business hours.

The instructions also outline the optional method to scrape the standard factory color from the dial pointers and further informs the installer the correct manner to repaint the needles to yield an additional striking overall night time appearance.

The buyer can choose just the single tachometer replacement dial or can purchase the complete three (3) piece instrument dial set which includes the speedometer.

These dial faces are a beautiful addition to the 360 Ferrari, and their appearance is stunning.

Tachometer Dials:

The tachometer only dials are now only $129.50 each each and are as follows:

360 Ferrari Challenge Stradale

430 Ferrari
New Scuderia Ferrari
New Dial Horse Image

Below is pictured an actual 430 Ferrari tachometer dial for comparison to our dials.

OEM 430 Ferrari tachometer

Additional Instrument Replacement Dials:

The additional dash instrument dial replacement set consists of two (2) pieces that cover four (4) dials. It consists of one (1) speedometer dial plus one (1) set of three (3) dials for the oil pressure, oil temperature, and water temperature instruments

The color options will be yellow and a stunning white on black.

The additional instrument dial set of two (2) pieces is $219.50.

Please note that the additional dials do not have a horse. They are plain dials. Only the tachometer dial has our unique horse.

Speedometer Dial Face In Metric Scale:

We will very soon offer the speedometer replacement dial facein the metric KPH scale.

Please advise at your earliest convenience your induvidual interest to ensure we will have your dials available on hand at the time of your order.

Complete Purchase:

When both sets are simultaneously purchased the combined pricing will be $369.50.

360 Ferrari Full Dash Set In Standard Style-Yellow


All the instrument needles in the above photo of the full dash set unit have been painted red (on the undersides) which very nicely offsets the colors and emphasizes the exceptional detail detail of these beautiful replacement dials.

The painting is actually done on the bottom of the needles,and the ilumination then bleeds the color through.

Our included instructions will describe all this information.

The view of the instrument panel below is that of a 360 with a Stradale yellow tachometer dial installed in conjunction with the remaining OEM gauge faces in black except that all the instrument pointers have been painted red.

This image will soon be replaced to show our newest dials installed in a vehicle.

This page last updated 01/04/2011.


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